What is a Skunkworks Project? Does it involve petting Skunks?

Fortunately or Unfortunately, you don't have to anything with an actual Skunk. A skunkworks project is a project developed by a small and loosely structured group of people who research and develop a project primarily for the sake of radical innovation.

AI Skunkworks at Northeastern University is a group of people who research and develop Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning projects primarily for the sake of innovation and learning. We provide open-mic, mentorship, workshops, seminars, hack-a-thons, and events that assist those exploring the edges of AI.



Research has been the core foundation for AI Skunkworks, it has been the common breeding ground for Passionate Skunks and the connecting communities.

Some of the ongoing research include



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Big Data Analysis

Crunching data to avoid fatal faliures with an accurate forecast

Speaker Series

Listen and learn from leading industrty experts

Collaborative Research

No ship was built by a single man, teamwork is dreamwork

Community support

Be a part of great community with like-minded people who share the same idea as you


Get in touch with experienced professional and build a strong network in the industry


Design, Build, Break , and test your ideas. Rome was not built in one night


Tanvi Modi
Master in Information Design and Visulization at Northeastern University

"A project like Hues & Tones made me realise how important it is for a designer to understand a developer's perspective - how an organically generated design concept needs to be structured and logically placed into a visualization. It was also interesting how I needed to convey my ideas to a developer in a very rational manner. I strongly believe that projects like these would bridge the gap between the designers and developers, which can help solve problems both creatively, and in an orderly fashion. I am so grateful to be part of a talented team of engineers of the AlSkunks Works!"

Yuhang Li
Master in Engineering Management and Data Mining at Northeastern University

"This is my first time working with a designer and I have to say this experience is fascinating. As a developer, I get used to concentrate more on the interpretability of a model and have neglected the visual impact of the results most of the time. Hues & Tones gave me the unique perspective from a designer. There is a clear understanding of the project scope and what is required for com- pletion. I feel so lucky and grateful to be part of this team! Thank you Skunkworks!"

Ziwei Fan
Research Software Engineer at Massachusetts General Hospital

"2019 skunk here. NEU AISkunkworks offered me more than pure knowledge of data science, Machine learning, also I enjoyed the happiness of collabration and contribution. Importantly, when I was interviewing and introducing my projects with interviewers one of them is my current manager-- a project regarding Machine learning interpretability led by Prof.Nik impressed him, because this project I was working on was cutting-edge, innovative rather than boring or 'cliche' duplications and it has been in finalist of RISE 2019. In the near futher, it's very likely that I'll introduce these skills I learned in AISkunkworks to improve our research work in the progress."

Ayush Singh
Master of Science in Computer and Data Science

"Prof. Nik Bear has been a source of inspiration and incessant support as a mentor in all my past projects. His pragmatic teaching style allowed students to learn latest advancements in industry which allowed us to get the ground running quickly upon joining new ventures."

Pramod Pai
Master in Information Systems at Northeastern University

"Being part of the Explainable AI group at AI Skunkworks group unlocked many opportunities for me. Although I had experience in ML, I had not heard about the myriad XAI techniques that were out there. Learning about them enabled me to peak under the hood to understand the ML models better. My work also presented me with an opportunity to work for Squark.ai on a cutting edge problem in the XAI space. The group has a lot to offer for beginners and experts in ML alike."

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