About Us

AI Skunkworks is one of the largest and most engaging graduate student clubs at Northeastern University. At AI Skunkworks, we research and build projects on modern technologies in AI. The club primarily focuses on promoting innovation and providing students a platform to perform in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

AI Skunkworks was formed in 2019 under the guidance of Professor Nicholas Brown. Professor Nik is a Computer Science Ph.D. from UCLA. He is currently the advisor of our club and brings 10 + years of experience in the AI/ML industry to guide all our researchers in their work. With his guidance, students have been able to learn skills and master technologies. They then go on to lead a group of students and hence build a knowledge transfer system. At the heart of this structure, is a core underlying principle - “Learn by doing”.

We encourage our members to get their hands dirty with real-time problems rather than just focusing on the theoretical concepts involved. We constantly strive to provide the best content and resources to our members. Our club is currently collaborating with Harvard Medical School and BCH on multiple Computational Biology research projects. We also have in-house research and projects going on in the areas of Auto Visualization, Causal Inference, Model Interpretability, etc.

Our Team

Abhishek Dabas


Shruti Patil
Dr. Nicholas Brown
Club Advisor
Indupriya Kompi
VP Research and Development